About Travel Theorem

Experience a holiday with us and feel the difference

We are passionate to tell you about India. We have been working and discovering for fifteen years. You are going to love the destinations and selected few escorted tours for you.

Our itineraries are thoughtfully planned. Our team has travelled many times on these routes to make it perfect for you.

Our personalised tours will make you feel as if you are travelling with one of your family member who happens to know the secret of every place you visit.

Travel Theorem is India’s first travel agency providing personalised tours. We have been working and providing services to our customers for past 20 years and proud to say that we have been the number one choice for customers coming to us for holidays. Travel Theorem is a family operated company where limited members of management are there to look after the limited number of customers coming to India with our limited personalised tours. This helps us to make our tours best in class and also help us to provide the highest standard of services to our prime customers. Our motto is to provide quality rather than quantity.

We have also entered the hotel industry and are running a hotel for last two decades. Now a resort has been added to the list at last.

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